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What You Need to Know about Bail Bonds and Bond Agents.

Life has a tendency of presenting us with unexpected situations. You will land in jail for being involved in a crime knowingly or otherwise, such situation warrants for efforts to have you released. A judge could set a suspect free before the day the trial proceedings start, this takes place when the judge orders sets bail,this process is known as bail bond. The first step will usually involve finding the right company who will post bail for you immediately. Chances are you may not have the amount of money that a judge has asked for. In this circumstances one needs to make sure that they hire a professional bond bail agent as they are better suited to help you . Being in jail means you cannot walk as a free person but that does not mean that you cannot be in contact with a professional agent.

Friends , family or acquaintances are the people to help get you a bail man being that you are jailed. Agents will not just identify themselves by word of mouth, they will have licenses that validate them to carry out the process for you. The company will perform a background check on you before taking on the process to settle bail. The criminal charge committed comes into play , employment status and whether or not you have valuable assets.

The bail is set during an official gathering where a judge presides over. During a bail hearing, the judge will meet the defendant and based on the verbal plea that the defendant gives , a judge will either issue bail or not . Criminal histories play a big part when it comes to how bail hearings will turn out, repeat offenders will usually receive heavy bail compared to suspects who are being accused for the first time. There are crimes that are more serious than others in terms of intensity and the repercussions that they attract, the intensity of the crime will also be a determining factor in bail.

Returning to court is the sole reason for setting the bail , if a judge happens to assume that the accused may fail to come back to court for the actual court proceedings , they will set the bail higher. The defendant has to put forward security before bail is posted , the security features valuables like title deeds, it could be jewelry or written agreements from family or trusted friends of the defendant. Banks and insurance companies have come forward to be guarantors but they strictly wont risk their funds to be involve in posting of bail bonds. A bail agent or the company is fully liable to a court of law should the defendant fail to show up.

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